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Representation, normalization and utilities for working with AMS markup in LaTeX-derived scientific documents


Author-annotated \newthorem{} environments using the amsthm.sty mechanism which are then transported in the HTML representation as ltx_theorem_<env>
Semantically fixed structural environments in scientific documents, to collect as add-on to the AMS markup


Maps a latexml-produced HTML class, such as “ltx_theorem ltx_theorem_lemma” to an AmsEnv enum
Checks a llamapun Document for ‘ltx_theorem’ AMS markup
Checks a libxml document for ltx_theorem AMS markup
If known, maps a commonly used AMS environment to a shortlist of the 23 most notable environments. Returns None if there is no AMS markup. Most experiments would be best off with dropping the AmsEnv::Other resulting paragraphs, to avoid unintended dilution of the known environments.