Frederik Schaefer: Selected Publications

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  2. Gray Literature
    1. Papers at Peer-Reviewed Workshops


  1. [1] J. F. Schaefer (2016) Declaration spotting in mathematical documents. B. Sc. Thesis, Jacobs University Bremen. External Links: Link Cited by: p1.

Gray Literature

Papers at Peer-Reviewed Workshops

  1. [2] J. F. Schaefer and M. Kohlhase (2018) Syntactic/semantic analysis for high-precision math linguistics. In Workshop papers at 11th conference on intelligent computer mathematics cicm 2018Workshop Papers at 11th Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics CICM 2018, O. Hasan, A. Youssef, A. Naumowicz, W. Farmer, C. Kaliszyk, D. Gallois-Wong, F. Rabe, G. D. Reis, G. Passmore, J. Davenport, M. Pfeiffer, M. Kohlhase, S. Autexier, S. Tahar, T. Koprucki, U. Siddique, W. Neuper, W. Windsteiger, W. Schreiner, W. Sperber, and Z. Kovács (Eds.), Note: CICM Work in Progress Paper External Links: Link Cited by: p1.
  2. [1] M. Kohlhase and J. F. Schaefer GF + mmt = glf – from language to semantics through lf. In LFMTP 2019, Proceedings, External Links: Link Cited by: p1.